Our research in the news

German national TV “ARD” presents our research on global canopy height mapping in the quiz show “Wer Weiss Denn Sowas”. (2022)

Swiss national TV “SRF” reports on our research in the news program “10 vor 10”: «Living Planet Symposium» mit Schweizer Beteiligung. (2022)

News article by NASA: “Scientists Show How Forests Measure Up” (2022)

Online story by NBC: “Battle in Space to Save the Earth” (2022)

News article by NVIDIA: “Neural Network Generates Global Tree Height Map, Reveals Carbon Stock Potential” (2022)

News article by TechCrunch: “Perceptron: AI mixes concrete, designs molecules, and thinks with space lasers” (2022)

News article by TechXplore: “Neural network can read tree heights from satellite images” (2022)

News article by ETH Zürich: “Neuronales Netzwerk kann Baumhöhen von Satellitenbildern ablesen” [English version] (2022)

Live radio interview with the Swiss national radio SRF1: “Die Vermessung der Wälder”/”Measuring the forests” (2021)

News article by Mongabay: “Chocolate giant funds high resolution carbon map to protect forests” (2021)

News article by Barry Callebaut: “Artificial intelligence against deforestation” (2021)

News article by the High Carbon Stock Approach: “Publicly available indicative High Carbon Stock Forest maps for Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines” (2021)

Interview with RESET Digital for Good: “EcoVision Lab Is Mapping Biomass for the Good of the Planet” (2021)

News article by ETH Zürich Industry Relations: “A global tool against deforestation” (2020)