Our research in the news

Swiss national TV “SRF” reports on our research in the news program “10 vor 10”: «Living Planet Symposium» mit Schweizer Beteiligung.

News article by NASA: “Scientists Show How Forests Measure Up” (2022)

Online story by NBC: “Battle in Space to Save the Earth” (2022)

News article by NVIDIA: “Neural Network Generates Global Tree Height Map, Reveals Carbon Stock Potential” (2022)

News article by TechCrunch: “Perceptron: AI mixes concrete, designs molecules, and thinks with space lasers” (2022)

News article by TechXplore: “Neural network can read tree heights from satellite images” (2022)

News article by ETH Zürich: “Neuronales Netzwerk kann Baumhöhen von Satellitenbildern ablesen” [English version] (2022)

Live radio interview with the Swiss national radio SRF1: “Die Vermessung der Wälder”/”Measuring the forests” (2021)

News article by Mongabay: “Chocolate giant funds high resolution carbon map to protect forests” (2021)

News article by Barry Callebaut: “Artificial intelligence against deforestation” (2021)

News article by the High Carbon Stock Approach: “Publicly available indicative High Carbon Stock Forest maps for Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines” (2021)

Interview with RESET Digital for Good: “EcoVision Lab Is Mapping Biomass for the Good of the Planet” (2021)

News article by ETH Zürich Industry Relations: “A global tool against deforestation” (2020)