Bio - Nico Lang

Nico is Postdoc at the University of Copenhagen associated with the Pioneer Centre for AI, where he is co-advised by Serge Belongie and Christian Igel. His interests are in the area of computer vision, machine learning, and remote sensing. His research topics include uncertainty quantification, open-set recognition, self-supervised learning, and learning from imbalanced data – which are challenges and opportunities when working on real-world problems. Nico received a PhD from ETH Zurich, working in the EcoVision Lab and the Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (PRS) group under the supervision of Konrad Schindler and Jan Dirk Wegner. During his master’s degree in Geomatics at ETHZ he discovered his fascination for machine learning and computer vision in the context of geodata sciences. After an early academic visit to Prof. Pietro Perona’s Computational Vision lab at Caltech, he worked on monitoring urban trees from street-level images. In his PhD, he developed a scalable approach to compute a high-resolution canopy height model of the entire Earth by fusing optical satellite images with spaceborne LIDAR. He sees great potential in the application of machine learning to monitor the environment at global scales.

- updated 2024-02-24